Brend AKZENTZ was founded in 1989 by Sandra High, a specialist in nail industry.

The creation of AKZENTZ was preceded by a story in which Sandra rented a space to perform the job of a nail technician in a business center, but, after a while, the shop owner asked her to leave because of the sharp smell from the acrylic materials that Sandra used at the time. Then Sandra set out to create a 100% gel-based, odorless and non-toxic material that she created with the help of a chemist. Afterwards, the owner of the business center allowed him to return. After some time, nail technicians and salons began to call on Sandra with the request to create a similar product for them. That's how AKZENTZ appeared.

It is worth noting that AKZENTZ is a family business in which Sandrei's husband has been since the beginning of this story, which is still holding a leading position in the company. Later, a family friend and marketing agent - Cheryl Campbell - joined the company.

Today, AKZENTZ is a large Vancouver manufacturing plant with a large number of employees and three personal chemists who create the best nail products in the world.

AKZENTZ includes 5 lines: ⚫️LUXIO GEL ⚫️OPTIONS ⚫️GEL PLAY ⚫️PRO - FORMANCE ⚫️ AKZENTZ technical products.

All products are non-acidic, vegan and not animal tested! Minimalist packaging and perfect grip guarantee the satisfaction of every nail technician and his client.

In addition, unlike many other brands, the products are: odorless, hypoallergenic and you just have fun working with them. Even after 4 weeks, Akzéntz products maintain their radiant color and fresh shine, without losing grip. Try Akzentz products, you will fall in love with us and these products, as do thousands of other people around the world!

Akzéntz brand is a leader in professional manicure for the highest demands.

Since august 2019 LUXARTPRO KTM SRL, has become exclusive distributor of AKZENTZ products in Romania, satisfying the requirements of each nail technician who wants to get out of print.

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