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Solutions for nail plate preparation before applying semi-permanent nail polish or gel. Solutions for degreasing, dehydration, removing the dispersion layer, as well as removing semi-permanent nail polish. Primer - designed to ensure better adhesion of semi-permanent nail polish with the nail plate.

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    Cleaner Prep & Wipe

    196.00 RON

    Prep & Wipe - a lemon scented preparation intended for and should be used before nail enhancements. Cleans, dehydrates and prepares the natural nail for any application. 

    Remove the dispersion layer.

    Vol. 480ml

    Made in Canada

    Soak Off Remover

    98.00 RON

    Soak Off Remover

    A lightly scented solution to remove Options & Luxio gels from natural nails. With SOAK OFF the removal takes only a few minutes!

    Low acetone content! Does not dry skin!

    Vol. 480 ml

    Made in Canada